Dedicated  to create change towards food security and  sovereignty for all Australians.



To create change by building effective partnerships to deliver outcomes that improve people’s diets, health and wellbeing and that assist remote, rural and urban Australians to learn, work and walk together on enterprising initiatives to create pathways to good health, healthy communities and environments.

Foodswell initiates, endorses and delivers creative projects, programs and enterprises that help build the capacity of individuals and communities to access healthy, reliable, sustainable food and prevent disease. Foodswell undertakes research, education and related activities to address challenges to the diversity and sustainability of our food systems and the cultural, economic and environmental integrity of the resources that healthy people and communities rely upon.

We work to promote good health, by creating change towards food security and food sovereignty for all Australians.



“Healthy people require affordable access to healthy food"



The United Nations World Food Summit defines food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. Sadly, some two million people in this ‘lucky country’ do not satisfy this definition and there are growing demands for food relief (Foodbank Australia, End Hunger Report 2012).

Healthy people require affordable access to healthy food, food knowledge and a healthy food system – one that cares for people, communities and for the health of our irreplaceable agricultural and environmental lands and waters now and for the future.

By promoting new ways to learn about, share and enjoy healthy food we can help prevent growing rates of diet related chronic disease and help build a more resilient, socially inclusive, food future.



Foodswell undertakes research, education and related activities to promote the prevention of disease by assisting people to grow, access and enjoy more healthy fresh food in ways they want. Our practical research projects often address the particular growing conditions, design or community development requirements of remote and regional Australians.

Foodswell works in partnership, and by commission, to develop community programs, stakeholder workshops and events and to develop useful tools and resources. For example, RIG Network has worked with partners to deliver professional development workshops for community nutritionists and CDEP program managers. RIG Network was commissioned by FAHCSIA in 2012 to research and write Food and other gardens in and about remote communities: A Guide – planning considerations and project opportunities (published in 2013).

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