RIG Network is a national, cross-sectoral networking, research and outreach initiative. We link people, projects and resources to support better practice and undertake projects to help build better local food production initiatives that can deliver social, health and economic benefits to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

People living in remote communities know how much fresh food costs: often at least 30% more where they live than in urban areas. We can be pretty confident food prices in remote communities aren’t going to ‘get less’ – so meaningful action to grow, harvest, and eat more ‘local’ food makes sense for a variety of social, economic and environmental reasons.

There are many good reasons to grow your own – for livelihoods at home, for community, for enterprise – all part of the picture of why RIG Network is important to help people who care to connect, to make things happen, and to grow food more sustainably through garden and food enterprise projects that people want, own and care about.

RIG Network develops and delivers projects in partnership with organisations, individuals and communities and actively involve Network members in the development and delivery of workshops, submissions and communication activities we deliver. Read on for a snapshot of projects delivered since RIG Network was established in May 2009.

RIG Network's activities include:

- Network communications and information sharing

- Strategic research, advocacy, and partnership projects

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