The EduGrow program is all about encouraging schools and communities to grow "good food, good learning and good times" together at school in inclusive, enjoyable ways.  Why? For better learning, health and wellbeing and to help build student participation, to encourage and promote two way learning, foster healthy and active lifestyles and to make school more fun for kids, teachers and families. 
The Program aims to encourage, support and recognise the wonderful efforts of students, teachers and school communities who create safe, engaging food gardens and outdoor learning places and activities in them.

From 2012-2015 the EduGrow program was built around a friendly awards program that was run in the spirit that everyone who participates is a winner. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to share their achievements and entries and so provide practical tips, ideas and inspiration to other students and communities.

In 2018 the EduGrow program is being run as a special story telling and sharing program, designed to encourage schools and communities to join in the spirit of and to celebrate NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week special 2018 themes - AND celebrate the great people and projects who are growing good ness where they live and learn. 

Each year the EduGrow focuses on special themes and ideas, but always in the overall spirit of Food, Family, Community and growing good food, good learning and good times. 

EduGrow also teams up with local educators and gardening gurus to conduct gardening workshops and other events to support people to get together, to share ideas and inspiration, and expertise and tips that are suited to their communities and growing conditions.

For more information about EduGrow 2018 and to see more from past years, visit the EduGrow website.