Grow the groundswell – join Foodswell Friends, our new Membership program

Foodswell Friends aims to provide individuals and organisations (small and large) with an affordable, enjoyable way to support Foodswell and to help grow the groundswell for healthy, reliable, sustainable food for everyone, everywhere – remote, regional and urban. By becoming a Foodswell Friend you’ll  receive access to Members only benefits and activities that are fun, relevant and that connect you with like minds, groups and foodie and gardening activities.

By becoming a Foodswell Friend, your support will help us ‘do what we do’ and give you access to special Members only benefits and activities.

Annual Membership Options

  • News Friends Membership – Free.  News Friends receive ‘free’ news’ – by subscribing online for RIG News & Updates & Foodswell News – via the RIG Network and Foodswell websites, subscribe online at or via the Foodswell Volunteer page.
  • Foodswell Friend – Individual - $50
  • Foodswell Friend  - Individual Concession - $30 (not in paid workforce)
  • Foodswell Friend  - Small Organisation – $225 (less than 50 staff)
  • Foodswell Friend  - Large Organisation – $450 (50 staff or more)

 Why join Foodswell Friends?

In addition to News Friends free ‘news’ benefits, fee paying Members – Individuals, Small and Large organisations – will receive:-

  • Free gifts - Foodswell seed packs, gardening merchandise and other treats
  • Special invitations to attend Foodswell Tucker Talks
  • The chance to participate in fee members only Photographic and other competitions to win great prizes  including online photography competitions with categories such as ‘What’s Growing at Home’‘What’s Cooking Tonight’ and ‘Celebrate! Friends, Family, Community, Company – Grow, Cook, Celebrate Your Own Food!’.
  • Help to host your own Foodswell event or Foodswell Tucker Talk.
  • Organisations who become Foodswell Friends will acknowledged on the Foodswell Friends page (for privacy reasons, Individual Friends won’t be!).

 Show your support – Become a Foodswell Friend

Join Foodswell Friends by downloading and returning theFoodswell Friends Application Form by post, fax or by email (scan and send!). Membership fees can be paid via EFT or by cheque (see details on form).