A major challenge for many remote community and small enterprise food and garden projects is that they are often initiated with short term support that is subject to policy and personnel changes. Good things are often just getting underway when funding and technical support just ‘stops’. Two Way Minds, Hands and Means provides people in remote areas with a way to access ongoing technical advice, encouragement and funding support to assist them to ‘grow on’ to realise social and enterprise outcomes they own.

The Two Way Minds, Hands and Means is a Foodswell program we are working on since 2014. We coordinate a team of culturally competent, experienced horticultural, business and community development experts to mentor people and projects with whom they have worked or may be introduced to by Foodswell. We aim to establish a fund to support voluntary mentors to regularly visit communities and to provide modest financial support to projects that have demonstrated ‘buy in’ but cannot access basic funds to cover input costs.

  • Does your community or family have a project that could do with some friendly support?
  • Would you like to become a mentor?

If so, you may like to get in touch to tell us who you are, what you need, or to learn more and get involved!